Here is a list of projects that I actively work on have worked on in the past:
  • Lumos: A light Swift wrapper around Objective-C Runtime.
  • Showface: A web app written using React and GraphQL to navigate schedules to find the best time to meet.
  • Paybob: A telegram bot to manage money easier.
  • Satisfiability Checker: An implementation of the Davis-Putnam algorithm and the Davis-Logemann-Loveland (DLL) algorithm in Prolog.
  • Tetris AI: A Tetris AI program written in Java which uses Simulated Annealing & Genetic Algorithm.
  • NusLib: An is an iOS app to allow students to borrow and browse through books from the various libraries in NUS. Based on your borrowing history, it can also suggest related works. Other features include finding books by ISBN and barcode and an internal book review system.
  • Sorting Hat: This is a project that I worked on together with my friend Varun. We devised an algorithm using z3 and pandas to optimise room allocation based on students' room and floor preferences.
  • Twitter Clone: This was my first attempt at Ruby on Rails back in 2017.
  • Bojio: An Android app to allow people to share their calendars and be able to find a common timeslot to meet-up. My friends and I made this during our first hackathon, Hack&Roll 2017.
  • Too Simple Static Site Generator: An 80-line python script which generates the website you are reading this on!
  • Elmo Chess: Built a basic game of chess with my friend, Shitian using Elm, a functional language which compiles to JS.
  • Legal Search Engine: My friend, Haozhe and I built a search engine for a law firm as part of our Information Retrieval class.
  • Learn You A ZSH Alias: A simple zsh plugin which reminds you the zsh alias you could use when you type a full command.
  • Cheatcode: A tool to check plagiarism and code reuse at hackathons