Hi there! I am Suyash, a Computer Science undergraduate at National University of Singapore.

I am a coreteam member (and ex-President) of NUS Hackers, Singapore's most active tech community.

In the past, I have interned at Google and Affirm in the San Francisco Bay Area and with Traverse, Garena, and Tinkerbox in Singapore. I am currently finishing up my last semester at NUS.

I am a scholar under the University Scholars Programme at NUS. You can find my sociolinguistics research papers and essays written during my studies at USP here.

You can contact me at suyash@nushackers.org for matters pertaining to NUS Hackers. Otherwise you can drop me an email at suyashshekhar@gmail.com.

You could also reach out to me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or find me on Github.