Where can you get a good pizza in Singapore?

I recently asked my friends about where can one get the best pizza in Singapore? Here are the top recommendations:

  • La Nonna: The most recommended place of them all. They have a wood stone oven and 1-for-1 deals for lunch. I tried their Margherita and Signature La Nonna. The toppings were really good but the crust got soggy by the time I could bring back the pizza to my room (went for the 1-for-1 deal). So, a pro-tip if you were planning to do the same is to not let it rest in the box for too long and instead find a place in Holland Village (like the hawker center) to get to it while the crust is still hot.
  • Zazz Pizza: Probably the best pizza that I have tried in Singapore. The ambience is not as fancy as La Nonna but the pizza was just as good if not better. The cheese they used for their Margherita felt fresh as it should and so did the sauce. The only minor complaint that I have is that their base felt too soft. I couldn't pick up a slice without its front dropping down. Would still highly recommend Zazz!
  • Peperoni Pizzeria: Next on my list because I saw Rachel' insta story and I definitely need to try it.
  • Extra Virgin Pizza: Another place with a wood stone oven and apparently nice thin crust pizzas.
  • Alt Pizza: Tried on 19th July for lunch with a friend. I think their ingredients tasted fresh. The crust was very crispy - so crispy that it felt like someone had dressed up a big, thin cracker. Their toppings were simple and on point. Overall, it was good and I might go back for more but it wasn't anything too amazing.
  • Luka: It's more of a bar and dining place but I've been told and I quote "their pizzas fking good".
  • Blue Label
  • Knicker+Bockers: with a 50% Eatigo discount.
  • 2it and drink
  • La Pizzaiola
  • Pietro Ristorante
  • Gustoso Ristorante
  • Bella Pasta
  • Pizzaface
  • Yellow Cab Pizza Co.
  • Publico
  • Pezzo: Their individual slices are $4+ for street side pizza and so I never really tried them but let's see how they hold up
  • Marche Movenpick: They are not a pizzeria but instead more of a open kitchen market. But who knows, maybe their pizzas are good too.

Published on 25 May 2020