Suyash cooks (sometimes)

As a kid, I never really got past making Maggi and cold coffee. Perhaps my highest achievement was using the microwave to roast chips when mummy was asleep. But now that I live in an apartment with flatmates who cook every meal, I too have started to pick up some skills under peer pressure. This journal is a space for me to capture all those meals that I prepared.

17th March 2021 - Paneer Chilli

8th March 2021 - Palak Paneer

6th March 2021 - Dosa

3rd March 2021 - Chana Dal Papra

This is probably the easiest thing to make after Chai. You just have to soak dal and blend it into a batter. Then add whatever you think would make it better like onions or coriander. My flatmate added cheese and it was pretty awesome :).

2nd March 2021 - Cholay

We got our preasure cooker delivered today and so Cholay was a test run for the cooker. I think I could have been a bit more liberal with the spices and I should have used more salt when the

24th Feb 2021 - Chai

This was my second time having chai at home. I think I didn't get the proprtions right. It felt as though it needed more chai patti and more milk instead of water.

23rd Feb 2021 - Sarso Masala Bhindi

I think this was rather successful. But when I started out, I tried to fry the masala blend before cooking the lady fingers which was a mistake. So by the end, the masala was charred.

17th Feb 2021 - Dhania Patta Chutney

Should have just stuck to dania patta, mustard oil, tomatoes and salt. I read this fancier recepie online which got me to add a bunch of extra masalas and the final results was unnecessarily spicy.

10th Feb 2021 - Kadhai Chicken

This was good! I should be adding tej patta (bay leaves) into everything. Dhania powder was quite overpowering.

18th Jan 2021 - Dal

I think my flatmates have perfected dal. To be fair it is easy to make. So now we are venturing out to try different types of dal other than just Chana and Rehar.

17th Jan 2021 - Roti

Published on 24 February 2021